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About Deviant JadFemale/United Kingdom Group :iconsummer-o-s-brigade: Summer-o-S-Brigade
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United Kingdom
Current Residence: home
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Punk, Classical, Folk, Lalalalaa
Shell of choice: Snail (lol wtf?)
Skin of choice: My own o.O
Favourite cartoon character: All of 'em |D
  • Listening to: Nightswimming - REM
  • Reading: Typing
  • Watching: Laptop screen
  • Playing: hold onto the pee as long as you can
  • Eating: my hair
Got tagged by :iconatreius-lux: >xP

1) Tag at least two people.
2) Answer all the questions as your OC/OCs.
3) You must let the people you tagged know that you tagged them.
4) Have fun with it.

I tag:
:iconparchmentgirl: and :iconmammacarnage: :P So there.

I will answer as Demo. =P

1) What is your full name?
If you can't reveal your full name that is fine.
Demo: Demofax-El Wafflecat Izwizmus Twitchypaws the Almighty. (I kid, btw xP)

2) Do you have any family?
It's alright if you can't reveal their names.
Demo: I have a mom as most kids do. :meow:

3) Do you love some/someones?
Demo: Pah, love? A superhero cannot afford to become too emotionally attched to anybody y'know! (All my friends ;3; :heart:)

4) What is your favorite thing?
Demo: Climbing on the rooftops before and after school and flying around them. (Whaddya mean? Sure I can fly!)

5) What do you dislike the most?
Demo: The Guy in the Hotdog Costume. >( And mean people like him in general. What is he thinking trying to sell me one of those things? D:

6) Ok, that was somewhat scary.
What do you do for your team/crew?
Demo: Hrrrmmnmnmnm i'd be their equivilant to Shaggy and help them out with the buffets that we would hold every day because we'd have a big constant party! I'm not really part of a crew at the moment since i'm quite busy with saving civilisation, of course. <.<...>.>

7) What is your favorite thing to eat?
Demo: (Now this is my kind of question!) WAFFLES. Not a thing in this universe is as sweet and as beautiful as a waffle skyscraper disappearing into the clouds, dripping with syrup AND chocolate sauce AND ice cream. AND AND AND rainbow sprinkles. That SPARKLE. Yesh. :love:

8) What is your favorite drink?
Demo: Chocolate milkshake. :heart:

9) What is your favorite place?
Demo: Just in the sky hanging over nowhere in particular. Starry sky, sunny blue, smokey sunset, among the rain; any sky. The sad on the ground is far away to need to worry about.

10) Ok, final question.
How were you created by your creator?
Demo: Well, a mommy cat and a daddy cat went to a party and drank a bi-
Jad: Cats are AWESOME and servals are the funniest, dottiest of the lot. Demo has changed a little over the years as my doodle style as shifted, starting out as a generic (and blue eyed o___O) serval that I lived through in some doodles to becoming the spazzy kid with a hyper-active imagination she is currently. She is many of the things I am and everything I wish I was. |3


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crazyyellowfox Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
I hope life is treating you well, and I hope that we'll get to see new art from you in 2014!
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Wherrreee areee youuuu?? We miss the good art :< !! TT__________TT Come back and post soooon!
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*Random tacklehug* Hiya!
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